Invintus Platform

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Streaming Platform for every industry 

Invintus is built with the idea that streaming at scale with a massive toolset does not have to be complex to use. The flexibility of the system allows people from all industries and backgrounds to get started quickly and have the ability to create a workflow that adds the most value and reach to your stakeholders (the viewers).

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Your Content, Your Way

We don't place 3rd party ads in or around your content. we don't make you choose a plan that lumps your channel into one site or location. All of our plans, from the smallest to Enterprise come with all the built in functionality to promote and distribute your message, your way. Including dynamic channel listings, a feature that allows you to put your channel content where you want and when you want.


Invintus was built on a foundation of 17 years delivering high quality, high volume dependable live and on-demand video. Our technology and partnerships span the breadth of the streaming industry. We accept nothing less than excellence when it comes to providing  simple yet powerful tools to deliver your stakeholders and viewers the best performing, feature rich experience across all devices.


Adaptive Live Bitrates

Dynamic stream loading. Proper streams are generated for mobile, low bandwidth and broadband audiences automatically, creating a seamless viewing experience.


support both LIVE 608/708 captions with the proper encoding. Support for Stream Text live sidecar captions in player.

Reach Any Screen

Stream live and archived video/audio to desktop, mobile, set-top internet devices and even broadcast distribution using our platform.

Live Anywhere

Go live from just about anywhere! our methods of capture allow you to use practically any encoder, even your phone.


Full automation.. schedule live broadcasts start and stop automatically

LIVE preview switching of source and broadcast stream

Automatic archive creation on broadcast

New video asset saved after stopping a live event

Pause breaks

Pause.. continue to record and preview while the audience views a static message or select a video playlist from existing assets to loop. this creates markers for breaks for later editing

Control Center

Powerful Content Management

Take control of your content and streams

The cloud based Control Center manages all aspects of your video content & live streaming management. View real-time analytics, manage advert campaigns, preview streams and sources, schedule and go live! it's all done though this simple to use interface.

  • Import Existing Schedules and Metadata
  • Upload videos to a specific event for publishing or as a miscellaneous asset to be used as b-roll for online editing
  • Manage multiple media assets per-event
  • Add other associated media such as slides, images and documents.
  • Search, find and manage media quickly using powerful organizational tools like keywords, categories, locations and notes
  • Add and manage categories and keywords both globally and event specific
  • Assign and manage technicians and event view and print their schedules based on events
  • Much Much More!....

VIdeo Editor

Clip, Cut, Merge, Concatenate
  • Trim heads and tails off of live recorded content
  • Append or Prepend existing video clips
  • Live pause breaks automatically added as visual cues for cuts
  • Edits create a new video asset
  • Lists all recorded or uploaded video assets for an event
  • Trims video to the nearest keyframe for a smooth streaming experince
Fine tune your video using the timeline based video editor

html5 Player

Versatile & dynamic

The Invintus player is more than just a html5 streaming viewer. It's where your content comes to life. The value added to the player in the form of the information, presentation data and social media interactions create a viewing experience that can entertain or inform your viewers. The real power is the dynamic nature of content generated from the Control Center event. A player can be designed and configured to tailor fit a specific or group of streams using our embedded player designer.

  • Add Twitter feed
  • Enable sharing with a virtual clip share and embed tool
  • Adjust layout of content
  • Assign an image or a video(s) to loop when the events status is offline, paused or published
  • Enable markers (agenda) view
  • Add social media sharing functionality
Fine tune a player using the configuration tool
Use the API to design a player

Event listings

Your Channel

The Invintus Platform allows you to generate specific channel listings of events that can be embedded on your site or any other web location or mobile app. Each listing can be designed around content parameters you choose. You can design listings to show content by category, keywords, status and many other parameters as well as setup relative date ranges to narrow or broaden the amount and type of events you want to display. Full content search is also available for use by viewers from an embedded channel listing.

Fine tune a listing using the configuration tool
Use the API to design a player


Powerful tool to promote your brand with content you create or monetize 3rd party ad's

The advertising module gives you the power to create Advertising campaigns around the content that exists in your Invintus account.

  • Assign event streams to campaigns based on category, type or globally.
  • Weight each ad video for customized visibility
  • create a time range to schedule when a campaign will run
  • Track and report click throughs
  • Track and report ad plays
  • Set skip peramiters

Over the TOP (oTT) device channels

Deploy feature rich channels to Roku and Fire TV

Create one or many channels with LIVE and VOD content

Get your LIVE and VOD content into the living room. The Invintus Platform can aggregate content based on your channel preferences. Select LIVE 24/7 streams and VOD content based on assigned categories to give your viewers the ability to bring your content to their TV's. We currently support OTT deployments to ROKU and in spring 2017 the Amazon Fire TV/Stick. Apple TV support is in the works as well.

closed captioning support

LIVE & VOD 608/708 + sidecar or embedded OR streamtext, we've got you covered

We are extremely experienced on the nuances of closed captioning for streaming media. Not only technically but also on the current FCC rules, requirements and circumstances that need to be met in providing captioning on your video streams. We will help guide you through the maze of equipment, protocols and standards as well as support captioning throughout the lifecycle of a video asset.

APPLICATION PROgramming interface (API)

All the tools you need to design a custom look and feel for your streams and content

We offer a full suite of well documented calls and tools that give you programmatic access to all points of your data and actions. We Also Provide Webhooks & Popular Language Specific Helpers To Accelerate Your Integration Projects

Additional Products

Mobile Application Builder

Want to go mobile? Invintus helps you bring your streams and content to life and grow your reach by leveraging the most powerful tool on the planet, your mobile phone. Click here to view the full suite of amazing features and capabilities of this mobile app delivery platform

leveraging the most powerful communication tool on the planet, your mobile devices. The Invintus Mobile App Platform allows you to create native mobile applications that are beautiful, dynamic and and packed with content that changes in real-time.
Our SMART Mobile Apps Allow You To:      

  • Own A Beautiful Custom App
  • Take your streaming content mobile
  • Make Changes Instantly Or Schedule Them In The Future
  • Create unlimited designs with unique content and functionality
  • Instantly activate designs based on a user's time and location
  • Engage with your users using push notifications