About INvintus Media

Most experienced group of streaming experts in the industry

The story begins with open government and transparency

Invintus Media, Inc. was established in 2012 by TVW, the nation’s leading state public affairs television network, to provide practical, cost-effective and proven solutions to organizations to successfully integrate live and on-demand streaming media into their communications strategies.Invintus Media offers enterprise webcasting solutions developed and utilized by TVW, a non-profit organization best described as Washington state’s version of C-SPAN.  TVW, which has been broadcasting government and public affairs events since 1995, has a long and successful history of utilizing streaming video to deliver access to content online.In fact, TVW produced and streamed the world’s first live webcast of an elected
official’s public address when TVW provided a live stream of Washington Gov. Gary Locke’s “State of the State” address in January 1997.  Since its inception, TVW has been producing, hosting and providing online streaming audio and video of the television station’s content.  TVW’s on-demand video archive (available at TVW.org) now consists of over 40,000 hours of audio and video content, and TVW annually produces over 3,000 hours of live streamed events.Utilizing the experience gained through this 20-year history of working with streaming media, TVW has developed proprietary enterprise webcasting solutions specifically designed to easily create, manage, archive and distribute live and on-demand streaming media content, increasing transparency in government and improving the communications of other public and private organizations.



Scott is a nationally recognized expert in media and government video streaming. Joining TVW, Washington State's Public Affairs Network in January 2000 as Director of Information Technology, Scott took a fledgling technology platform and created one of the most cutting edge streaming platforms for open government in the country. Scott designed systems at Invintus, TVW and nationally that deliver over 20 million streams a year. For TVW, Scott built one of the world's largest searchable repositories of online state legislative video in the world. Scott co-founded Invintus Media Inc. in 2012. Built from his decade long expertise in streaming video, Invintus media has created a new gold standard in webcasting. Prior to Invintus, Scott was lead the design and  implementation of the streaming infrastructure for the first multi-year federal contract for webcasting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Scott serves as technical adviser to several Washington non-profit organizations, major  television broadcasters, state legislatures and legislative networks. Scott is also a Wowza certified Partner and Consultant.

Lead UI Developer

Adam Ellsworth, the User Interface and Experience programmer for Invintus Media, came to the company in 2014 by way of a digital news management and distribution company. Adam is a Native of Washington State, a Greek and Shakespearean drama enthusiast, amateur poet, and proponent of all things Javascript. Firm in the belief that SaS Software-as-a-Service is a flourishing paradigm in online enterprise and commerce, Adam keeps an eye on the ever-shifting landscape of web technology as well as best practices in development and operations.Invested in the stability and possibilities of the Invintus platform, Adam finds resolve in crafting a service tended toward rapid development, cross-platform usability, and continuous delivery.


Nick tried writing JavaScript a few years ago and never stopped. A long time resident of Olympia, originally from the strange wastelands of Nevada, Nick joined Invintus in 2016, where he performs mad science experiments with code. Some of Nick's favorite things to focus on are Node.js, npm, and client-side web applications — investigating the roles that data and technology play in politics and human culture, and using contemporary tools to make data more accessible and usable. As it turns out, Invintus is an ideal platform for this, and Nick gets to use the web to find solutions to media distribution on a daily basis. When he is not working he enjoys bicycling in the rain. His favorite Unix program is `cal`