WebRTC mesh video distribution now available

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Built into nearly all modern browsers today is WebRTC, a mesh networking overlay protocol developed by Google that allows video (and other data) to be delivered using peering technologies. Invintus is now making this technology available leveraging a partnership with Peer5, using WebRTC technology to take a peer-to-peer approach to content distribution. In other words, each viewer’s device could also be helping to push video to other viewers. This lowers the requests for video from Invintus' CDN and greatly decreases the load on an Enterprise network to deliver the video to the viewers. An added benefit is that all content on this mesh overlay network is encrypted and secure. There is no need for extra software and this ability to leverage the mesh network video distribution (SD ECDN) as it is built into the Invintus players. Clients with Business+ account and up are enabled with this option by default.

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