Get your own Roku channel

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

As a current user of the Invintus Platform, we can get you setup and streaming from your very own Roku channel in just a few steps.

Things you need to provide

Some images that meet a certain criteria: 

images should be uploaded as global assets in Invintus, Name them based on their use outlined below so we know what to assign.

Channel Logo

The Channel Logo will display inside your channel. Upload a 400 x 90

Splash Screen & Background Image

The Splash Screen displays while your channel is loading Upload a 1920 x 1080 JPEG or PNG file.If you choose to have a background image, it should be the same dimensions of the splash screen. and if you want it to not e intrusive, we suggest a transparent background on the image and choose a overlay color. 

Small Logo for Roku Search

The logo displays within Roku Search as a button to play your content. Upload a 165 x 60 JPEG or PNG file.

Channel Poster

This image will display in the Roku Channel Store. Upload a 540x405 JPEG or PNG image color hex  (EX. #0e42cc)

Background overlay color (if using a transparent background image)

Text Color

Progress Color

Other items

Channel Name


Web Description (1500 chars)

Preferred Category

Vanity Access Code (Once published, your channel can be added to a Roku account using: (if available))

Your Invintus categories that should be used for each category row. 

roku example
Example Channel
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