New features: Facebook LIVE

Monday, April 24, 2017

Facebook LIVE

Facebook Live has become a social sensation for good reason: the allure of possible millions of viewers watching your video stream is now a few clicks away! In keeping to our mission in providing our customers the tools to reach as many people as possible, your Dashboard now allows you to assign to each and every Invintus Event to a Facebook Live feed. You can schedule a Post to go Live in the future or go Live right away to your Facebook Timeline, a Facebook Event, one of your Facebook Groups, and even your Facebook Pages!

Ad Campaigns

We realize that your revenue stream may come from a multitude of sponsors and to that end we give you, the content creator, the ability to create and manage advertising spots through our new Ad Campaign management interface. You're now able to target all of your Events, Events assigned to specific Categories, or individual Events as you judge appropriate, your viewers will know who your sponsors are. Backed by new Ad Metrics, adjustable ad/play frequency, and ad-click URL redirects, we're certain you'll find this is a tool you can't live without.

Up Next: More Invintus Control Center enhancements
- OTT (over-the-top) Set-top box integration including Roku and Amazon Firestick
- Quarterly Analytics Report Generation
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